Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Time to say goodbye, again

When the unexpected happens!

1. Elections in Italy. A catastrophe! The country is almost equally divided in 4 parts: a) non-voters, b) democratic left party (PD), c) middle-right party (PDL, that means Mr. B.) and d) Grillo's political movement (M5S). For who doesn't know Grillo, he is a former comedian who is against everyone and everything. It is almost impossible to form a new government, therefore in the meantime the country is the chaos, under the threat of the expulsion from the European Union.

2. Although Mr. B. didn't win, the number of votes he received and the current chaos in the government have convinced me to carry out what I promised: I will progressively loose my "italianity", beginning from the language of this blog. I'm NOT English native speaker, but I do prefer to practice a foreign language, even with many mistakes, than to use any longer the language of a country I don't feel anymore to belong to. My only 3-4 Italian readers can  use the "Translate" button on the top of the page, anyway.

3. The Pope has resigned. Ok, by now it is well known. I was shocked by this news. I liked so much Joseph Ratzinger as Pope and as fine theologist. I'm afraid that the Catholic Church is going to have a new schism: progressivism versus traditionalism, depending on the new Pope's orientation.

4. A good news in my life: I got the job in Brussels! I'm going to leave Vienna in a couple of weeks, surprisingly with a bit of "Sehnsucht". I must admit I feel nervous because the project requires skills I still have to acquire. The priority now is finding a flat. Then the move is the big deal. Only after that, I could begin to worry about the new job! But I do not have the time to say goodbay to Vienna in the proper way, after three debated years.

5. Before getting crazy with the stress of a relocation, I have spent almost two weeks vacation at home. I mean the real HOME that means... anywhere, but with my parents. Not mentioning the crazy cat Schwarzy. Actually I was in Italy, not strictly in my hometown, but rather enjoying the snow at 1000 m a.s.l. in a happy enclave between Italy and Austria. The last relaxing family days... who knows when I'll have again such an opportunity!

6. I'm sharing my flat with another Italian scientist. She is looking for a flat since months but the estate market in Vienna is fast and tricky. It's hard to get used to a new shared life rythm but it might be good to reduce the stress by relocation. Furthermore, I do not have the time to feel alone during this "interregnum".

In conclusion, I'll miss Vienna, not only the city and its (cultural) life, but also the people I met here. Friendship is different when you live abroad: in a  situation of needing, acquaintance quickly evolves into a close friendship! Probably I'll miss also the landscape: the snowy mountains, the quiet Danube, the woody hills, etc. Not forgetting the weather, with cold and icy winters and windy and sunny springs. I'll miss the respect for pedestrians and cyclists, the overall good behavior, on the road as well as at home. I'll miss the opportunity to attend so many concerts and operas for a little price and with very skilled friends. I'll miss the language, I mean German, for sure not the horrible Wienerisch...

However, I'm full of enthusiasm and hopes for the new life in Brussels. The crisis I encountered in Vienna the first year abroad seems far away and after three years I feel quite confident. I expect the same from the Belgian experience. Per ardua ad astra!


  1. Good luck with your new job and with finding your new place and everything.

    Since you want to lose your italianity, I suggest that you start losing also Italian syntax, your English will improve dramatically!

    See you in Brussels?


  2. Yes, thanks, step by step. German syntax is the best, in my opinion. Clear, well structured, scientific! Something that you can learn. English syntax is rarely taught... outside UK. English is the language I'm forced to use but that I've never loved. Anyway, despite my efforts, I cannot totally delete my Italianity.



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